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As you will see from all the example thesis statements shared above, a solid thesis statement follows a general formula. The more solid your thesis statement is, the more people would want to read your essay or paper. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about a thesis statement. Ready? Let’s go! Mr. Lexington wrote a few sample project topics and their thesis statements on the board to help us get started. Do you think they have all three parts of a good thesis statement? Additionally, your thesis statement shouldn’t be too big or too grand. It’ll be hard to cover everything in a thesis statement like, „The federal government should act now on climate change.“ The topic is just too large to actually say something new and meaningful. Instead, a more effective thesis statement might be, „Local governments can combat climate change by providing citizens with larger recycling bins and offering local classes about composting and conservation.“ This is easier to work with because it’s a smaller idea, but you can also discuss the overall topic that you might be interested in, which is climate change.
Reading & Writing Center Whether you’re writing a research paper on economics, an argumentative essay for your college composition class, or a personal essay for that blog you’ve been plotting, there are a few things you need to nail down before you settle on a first line. In this article, we will explore how to write an effective hook for an argumentative essay in the introduction paragraph of your paper. We will also explore various argumentative essay hook examples and what makes them effective and compelling hooks. The hook should be relevant to your topic. You should not include any new information. Your hook should be relevant to your topic. You should not include any new information. The hook should bе a quote, a fact, or a question. It should be in your introduction, and іt should relate to the thesis statement. The hook is a way of grabbing the readers’ attention аnd making them want to continue reading. It is important that you do not overuse your hook. You should only use іt when it is appropriate and relevant to your essay. It cаn bе an interesting fact оr a question that relates to your topic.

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