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As a treatment in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), gua sha utilizes a solution (face oil, vaseline or water) and a smooth material (jade plates, metal plates and even spoons) to stimulate a specific area of the body. Unlike what’s popularized on TikTok, gua sha is not limited to just the face, but can be used on the back and shoulders as well, experts told us. Gua sha scrapers come in a wide variety of stones, shapes, and sizes. Some have little ridges and resemble a comb (like mine pictured here), rounded groves to stimulate pressure points and especially work the jaw, or different curves. It’s also been said that gua sha also helps purge oil from pores, helping to keep them clear. While I don’t exactly know if this is true, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting that gua sha helps reduce breakouts.
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