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Nielsen A, Knoblauch NT, Dobos GJ, Michalsen A, Kaptchuk TJ. The effect of Gua Sha treatment on the microcirculation of surface tissue: a pilot study in healthy subjects. Explore (NY). 2007;3(5):456-466. doi:10.1016 j.explore.2007.06.001 Look to any social feed, and you’ll probably run into someone preaching about the skincare wonder that is gua sha. The longtime form of Traditional Chinese medicine has made its way into the hands of, well, everyone—and for good reasons. With promises to increase blood circulation, depuff and tighten skin, it’s no wonder everyone is excited to get their hands on this tool. Gua sha is a traditional Eastern and Southeast Asian healing technique in which a smooth, credit-card-size „board“ is pressed along the skin of the body, and it’s been adapted for the face and neck. The idea is that light pressure releases fascial and muscular tension and moves sluggish lymph fluid to tone the face.
Another problem most girls with type 2B hair face is tangling and knotting. Your hair just knots and dreads itself at this point, and you’ve gone through enough brushes in your lifetime. But, you don’t need to live with those dreaded knots forever, just a few adjustments to your hair styling pattern will lead to tangle-free curls! Type 2a hair is far more fine and lifeless than 2b hair. This hair type can easily become weighed down with product and lack volume at the root. Type 2a hair is far easier to straighten and transform. Type 2b hair is slightly flatter at the crown like 2a, but holds thicker strands that have more wave and texture from root to base. If wanting to straighten and remove waves from 2b hair, you will have to put in much more effort than 2a hair. Brushing your hair is always key to getting knots out. But, you don’t want to break or damage any of your locks, which will lead to split ends. Wet hair is weak and more prone to breaking than dry hair, so brush your hair only when it’s dry. We love strong wooden pins which are perfect for combing through stubborn knots, and they also massage and stimulate the scalp.

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